Five things you should keep in mind while you are booking your air tickets

Five things you should keep in mind while you are booking your air tickets

Going somewhere through the air? You might think you are ready to click on the “Book flight” button, but you should take some more time before you make the final decision. There are few intricate yet essential things that you should consider before you start hyping about your flight booking. To make things clear for you, we have created a list of five essential things that you should keep in mind while booking your air tickets.

1. Book Early

Last-minute booking is something that you should avoid at any cost. Just like the way you plan your trip from beforehand, you should book your tickets from beforehand, as well. The closer your travel dates will get, the higher will your tickets cost you. To get the best rate, try to book your ticket at least thirty days in advance. You can even use Etihad coupon codes to look for the best deals. 

2. Avoid weekends

If you are a leisure traveler and you have no hurry, then the best day to book your tickets is on a Wednesday. Busy traveling days like Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday is when the price of the tickets goes really high. Likewise, mid-day and late-night flights would cost you less than an evening or early morning flights. 

3. Look for loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are one of the best facilities you will find in some airlines. Every time you book your tickets, the airlines would provide you with some reward points which you can use to get discounts on your next flight booking, restaurants, movies, and various other places. This way, you would be able to save some money. The policies of loyalty programs vary from airlines to airplanes. Make sure you check their policies before you book your tickets. 

4. Compare between airlines

Do not settle for the first airline that you have come across. It is always better to compare different airlines to see where you are getting your flight tickets at a cheaper rate or which airline is offering you more benefits at the same rate. Check out the endless list of Etihad coupon codes to get better deals. 

5. Get Non-refundable tickets

It is old yet important advice. We always book flights a bit ahead of our travel, and we never really know what emergency might pop up. Refundable tickets are costlier than non-refundable ones. The amount of money that you get as a refund is nothing compared to the money which you have spent to buy the ticket in the first place. Hence, non-refundable tickets will save you from crying over your money. 

This guide would surely help you make better choices when you book your tickets the next time. 

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